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LiveJournal's S2 Styles

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S2 Styles
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This is an open community for LJ users to discuss the S2 style system and post their styles. Membership is open to all.
  • Please post all images that are of medium size and above under an lj-cut (don't know how to lj-cut? Go here!). Also, please refrain from using any large text (like this). Text in your entries should be no bigger than default size. Large text can disrupt someone's friends page, so please be courteous.

  • If you plan on posting any S2 coding (parts of theme layers, user layers, etc), please use the HTML-for-LiveJournal Modification Tool, place your code in the box, hit the "Modify HTML" button and then copy the code in the box below. You can then paste what you copied into your journal entry. Please place all lengthy S2 coding under an lj-cut. By "lengthy" we mean ten lines or more.

  • Please note that this is a community for S2 style help; asking questions concerning S1 is strongly discouraged. Please check out the memories at howto for all your S1 needs.

  • Cross-posting is allowed, but with certain requirements. List all of the communities that you've cross-posted to. Direct links to those entries would be preferred. If you receive an answer in another community, edit your entry here to indicate that you've been answered.

  • Harrassment of any kind will not be tolerated. If you harrass someone in this community, you will first get a warning. If the harrassment continues, you will be banned.

  • Spamming is not allowed here; in other words, no posting about LiveJournal communities or other internet communities, such as Yahoo! Groups either in the comments or in an entry. All spam will automatically be deleted and marked as such.

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Specialty: componentreview, fblayers, ljs2layouts, lj_stylecontest, ljstyleoverride, namethatstyle, s2_comms, s2dev, s2layers, s2ljdotcom, s2mems, s2themes

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