Minutiae: OpalCat Minute by Minute (opalcat) wrote in s2styles,
Minutiae: OpalCat Minute by Minute

Can't add META tag to style?

I'm trying to Verify my journal through Google Webmaster Central... One of the ways is to add a META tag to your HEAD tags in the HTML of your site. I found that area in my theme layer and added the META tag. When I'm logged in and I view the page source of my journal, I see the META tag there right where it should be. When I log out and view my page and view source--POOF! It's gone. How do I (can I??) add a META tag that is there all the time, for public viewing and not just for me all special? 

Is this possible?

Alternately, is it possible to use Google Analytics on an LJ S2 style anywhere? I'm guessing no since it's javascript... but that is another way I could verify the site...

Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.
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