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s1 & s2 terms

  • s1
    an s1 style is one of the basic looks provided by the system. they can be found here.
    little snippets of code that alter how an s1 style is displayed.
    one or more variables that are placed into s1 styles.
    custom styles (aka "layout"):
    an s1 custom style is a complete collection of overrides that can be saved and selected when you want it to be active on your journal.

  • s2
    structures that define objects in s2. a lot like an encyclopedia article for each object that you can play with. it contains the basic parts of each object and the abilities that each object has.
    containers that hold specific types of data.
    items that act a lot like the settings-style s1 variables, such as s1's "LASTN_OPT_ITEMS" variable. it is equivalent to s2's page_recent_items property.
    blocks of code that are a lot like the other type of s1 variables. such as s1's "GLOBAL_HEAD" variable. it is equivalent to s2's Page::print_custom_head() function.
    to redefine the value of a property or redefine the output of a function.
    text files in which classes, properties and functions can reside.
    • core:
      this is the skeleton of s2. all of your basic needs can be found here.
      • core internationalization:
        there are many text properties and functions in the core layer. this layer holds the definitions for these properties and functions that dictate how they should look in a language other than english.
    • layout:
      this adds muscles and other living tissues to the core layer. it can even invent new things that don't exist in the core layer and introduce mutations that make this layout unique.
      • layout internationalization:
        the text properties and functions that are present in the layout layer but not the core layer get altered here for languages other than english.
      • user:
        these layers are automatically attached to your style when you use the customization wizard. when using the wizard, it will override the values of properties that are, defined and/or declared as used, in the layout layer. when not using the wizard, one can manually override values of properties or redefine functions. this second method is considered to be an advanced customization as you run the risk of losing some of the custom code if you use the wizard to make any changes.
      • theme:
        one set of these layers are supplied by LiveJournal's servers and override properties and may redefine functions to give you examples of what the layout can do. they most oftenly have different color schemes that you can choose from. when not using a server-supplied theme layer, you can create your own and use it to override values of properties that are defined in the core layer or defined and/or declared as used in the layout layer as well as redefining functions. you will need to use a theme layer to keep the custom values of properties that are defined in the core layer but not declared as used in the layout layer.
    an s2 style is a specific collection of layers that can be saved and selected when you want it to be active on your journal.

questions/comments/concerns/krispy kremes?
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