Stop assuming a minimum width

An open letter to everybody who is designing styles:

Please stop relying on a specific minimum pixel width. For example, refrain from using such CSS constructs as:

.html-s2-no-adaptive { min-width: 1000px; }

Rationale: A typical monitor as of today is 1920 logical pixels wide. This is too wide to use the browser maximized, but perfect to split the screen in half and tile two windows side-by-side. Accounting for the vertical scrollbar, the page has to fit in roughly 938 pixels or fewer in order not to cause horizontal scrolling.

Bonus points if your style works with any page width upwards of 320px.

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Change Friends Page Title on Minimalism?

I'm using Minimalism on my personal account. What I would really like to be able to do is modify my Friends Page, so that instead of having the Journal Title followed by the Friends Page Title, it has the Friends Page Title followed by the Journal Subtitle. Is this possible using an S2 style, and if so, how? I've been trawling Google but haven't found much that helps.

EDIT: This wasn't too hard once I appreciated the lengths to which I would have to go. Basically I copied the code from the layer of the theme I was using (Blue Fence) to my custom layer, and then copied function Page::print(), which is a pretty long piece of code from Minimalism. Then I edited some of the code in that function before hitting save and selecting the custom layer. If you'd to check out what I've done and use it yourself, it's Layer #41641891.

Can someone help me with my sidebar please?

As you can see here 

I have got 2 sidebars... What I want to do is that the gadgets section is now at the Left sidebar (since the right side has everything  and it's getting to long to get to the gadgets)

I'm using  this style:

Pretty in Pink

Smooth Sailing by Michael Raffoul

And I want on the Left side bar the gadgets, and on the right the profile, links, tags and search
My account is a Plus account
And I'm using Chrome as explorer 

Thank you heart1heart1heart1
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what am I missing?

I'm looking at adding links to track and share an entry to an Opal-based theme - for example, the way Smooth Sailing says "previous | memories | share | track | flag | next" on each entry. Given I can't find any reference to previous/next (for entries themselves, not DayPage or MonthPage), tracking or sharing in the default layer for Opal, what does Opal use to display these, or is it that it actually doesn't support them? It seems like this is usually based on the Core function print_linkbar, but Opal doesn't reference this, and print_linkbar specifically doesn't do nav_next and nav_prev according to the Core. If I call print_linkbar, what exactly will show up? I'm not sure what it does contain by default, or how it's displayed. I can't just try it because I don't have a paid account; the layout is for someone else's account.

I'm also not sure I could lift the code wholesale from, say, the Smooth Sailing layer instead, because I don't know if it will actually compile when transplanted. Is there an s2 sandbox available anywhere? I know there was one back in the old, old days...probably approaching nine years ago. Ack.
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Can't add META tag to style?

I'm trying to Verify my journal through Google Webmaster Central... One of the ways is to add a META tag to your HEAD tags in the HTML of your site. I found that area in my theme layer and added the META tag. When I'm logged in and I view the page source of my journal, I see the META tag there right where it should be. When I log out and view my page and view source--POOF! It's gone. How do I (can I??) add a META tag that is there all the time, for public viewing and not just for me all special? 

Is this possible?

Alternately, is it possible to use Google Analytics on an LJ S2 style anywhere? I'm guessing no since it's javascript... but that is another way I could verify the site...

Appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.
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User Head Icon Removal

Thank You for helping me.  I have another question.  Is there any way I can get rid of my user head icon that shows up on every journal entry?  I don't want to change it to another icon, I just don't want any picture there.  Can this be done?   Thank You very much for any help or advice on this. 
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Electronic Snow

Can I add electronic snow to my journal entries?  By electronic snow (snow falling continuous over my entry).  I saw this, I think at My Space, a few years ago.  What would I have to do to get this in my entries?
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smooth sailing footer problems

I asked this once in the smooth sailing help community and in mintyhelp but never got a reply.
I'm working on a layout. But when I enabled the footer and gave it a background the background also went between the entries. How do I stop that from happening. Live preview:

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Hi all,

I have quite a few entries with 90+ comments on a journal of mine. I've found a nifty comment collapse thing to apply to Flexible Squares, but what'd I'd really like to do is simply append ?view=flat to the links that lead to the comments page. Is there a way to do this? It works perfectly for what I'm using the journal for but I wish I could turn it on by default because the amount of comments is stretching the layout.

Thanks for your help!

I have a few questions for anyone who may be able to help

This is a repost, my Lj cut went wonky in an edit...

First of all, thank you for taking a moment or two to read this, and extra thanks if you can help!

I am using a custom style, if you view my journal main page, there's a banner image. I've tried to make the image cover that whole brown area so that it's a nice big banner. Changing image size did not help, and I don't believe specifying the dimensions did either.

Also, I think that I need CSS to make my navigation-bar match my theme. I have no CSS knowledge really, but I can use find/replace in notepad to switch out color codes if someone has the code to achieve this? says I am using 1280 X 720.
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